Month: April 2009

Charity Event: progress

I am only getting started with regard to trying to get donations for the event, but I have a feeling it will be very similar to the process an author goes through when submitting work to an agent/publisher. First, you are cautiously optimistic. Then you send off your work/letter, and the doubt sets in. Then… Read more »

Charity Event: Marie Curie

I’m in the early stages of co-organising a charity event to raise funds for Marie Curie. We’re looking at a quiz, an unusual raffle and other family favourites such as the much-loved Tombola and Name-A-Bear. Sounds good so far? Well, as well as quiz entry, we’re hoping to include a buffet in with the ticket… Read more »

It wasn't me, guv'nor!

I opened my email yesterday to find almost 500 messages. I know my site isn’t that popular, so was a bit perplexed until I started reading them – all were returned or undelivered mail referring to messages I had never sent. I contacted the nice web lady in a panic and she told me that… Read more »

Have a little time on your hands?

Why not invest it in Timebank? I have a LOT of time on my hands, as you know, and much of it is wasted in front of the TV. I decided that I wanted to feel a little more useful, and wondered if I could volunteer. I made some enquiries and, obviously, it’s hard to… Read more »

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours!

That’s according to the theme tune of a TV show I used to watch in the 80s. And it’s true. At the moment, I’m only on my laptop to take my mind off the neighbours’ VERY loud music. My head is throbbing to the beat of some 90s house track, and my shoulders are so… Read more »