Charity Event: progress

I am only getting started with regard to trying to get donations for the event, but I have a feeling it will be very similar to the process an author goes through when submitting work to an agent/publisher. First, you are cautiously optimistic. Then you send off your work/letter, and the doubt sets in. Then there are the rejections. Is it all worth it, you ask yourself. Well, hopefully it will be. This is as nerve-wracking as last year’s Tyne Bridge Abseil.

If I was famous, I’d be so overwhelmed to think that my mere signature on a photo or something, was enough to make money for a charity. I’d sign everything, thus devaluing said signature! Sports clubs are very generous with regard to charity donations, but what makes them help one charity and refuse another? I wish I knew the secret, as each charity is as deserving as the next. How do you say no?

That’s why it’s fortunate that there are some generous people in the world. Just ordinary individuals, happy to help a good cause in some way. We have already secured a beautiful (and suitable huge) teddy bear, and lots of signed books (I will be roll-calling these lovely authors on my revamped website). I know there’s plenty of time, but I want to make sure that this event is a massive success, not only for the charity but for the people who attend.