Month: September 2011

And relax…no, really, relax!

So, I woke up this morning and my body protested against the idea of leaving the bed today. Several medications (and hours) later, I was heading to my Creative Writing class. I know it’s weird to have written a novel and had it published and THEN decided to learn about creative writing but a) I’ve… Read more »

Book 3: Transworld Book Group Reading Challenge

The third book I chose to read was ‘The Secrets Between Us’ by Louise Douglas. It’s not the type of book that I would pick up in a book shop, based on the cover, but had I read the blurb on the back, I would’ve been intrigued. The lead character, Sarah, is recovering from some… Read more »


You’re going to get two posts today, lucky people, and both are book (or writing) related! Firstly, tomorrow is my first Creative Writing class and I’m nervous for several reasons: 1. I am very shy around new people, and given the amount of time my ME/CFS makes me spend on my own, I’m not very… Read more »

September: Creative Writing

I noticed that, locally, there was a Creative Writing course running. I had a few doubts about it: a) It cost £65 – a LOT of money to me, that could possibly be better spent elsewhere (though it averages out at £6.50 per class) b) It begins at 9.30am, a few miles away from here… Read more »

Book 2: Transworld Book Group Reading Challenge

The second book I chose in the Reading Challenge was ‘Teacher, Teacher!’ by Jack Sheffield. The story (or is it a memoir) is based on a year in the life of a newly appointed headmaster at a small village school. It’s an unofficial account, based on the Headmaster’s alternative log book, of the ups and… Read more »