You’re going to get two posts today, lucky people, and both are book (or writing) related!

Firstly, tomorrow is my first Creative Writing class and I’m nervous for several reasons:

1. I am very shy around new people, and given the amount of time my ME/CFS makes me spend on my own, I’m not very good at socialising.
2. I have no idea what a class like this consists of, so don’t know what to expect.

I’ll try and update you tomorrow, if I don’t just sleep for the remainder of the day (it starts at 9.30am which, as you know, is not a good time for me). Oh, and the outfit arrived for ‘Paige’ for the cover of my Kindle edition of Karma – hoping to get that sorted out in October (along with another OU course). Must keep the mind occupied when the body wants to hibernate!