Month: May 2008

Just over a week to go. Status: Terrified!

Haven’t been well this week, so apologies to those of you who’ve emailed me and haven’t had a response. Whilst in bed nursing my poorly sinuses on Wednesday, I was listening to the UKTV History channel. I love to find out about historic buildings, but on Wednesday, ‘Britain’s Greatest Buildings’ was about the Forth Bridge…. Read more »

Slowing down.

Hello! I haven’t been around much, as I’m trying to take things easy in the hope that I will be OK for the abseil. It’s in less than two weeks time and I don’t have a lot of sponsors yet. It would feel more worthwhile to step off that very high bridge if I knew… Read more »

A Holly-day!

Was still feeling ropey by the time Thursday morning arrived (no rain arrived, sadly). Was still in bed at 1.30pm despite medication’s best efforts, so decided that a massage might help. Couldn’t get a reply from the lady who usually comes to my house. 1.31pm rang Clarins in the Metrocentre…£34!!! Then remembered there was a… Read more »

Crazy days!

I’m feeling cacky today and am praying for the rain to wash away some allergy-inducing pollen (a big sorry to the sun-worshippers). I haven’t been sleeping well, so this has given my crazy mind the chance to come up with all sorts of scary abseil-related scenarios, dreams and nightmares (I think it may be known… Read more »

No, no, noooooo!

I’m a huge comedy fan. Thanks to my lovely mam, I have tickets to see Steve Coogan in December – I was a very big fan of his until he described some of his fans as ‘bunny boilers”, but have decided to give him another chance. However, today, I was disappointed to read that Victoria… Read more »

Reverse S.A.D.

While you are all excitedly stoking up the barbecues and sloshing on the sun cream, spare a thought for the odd (take odd in any way you choose) person like myself that absolutely hates the summer. In the same way as some people are affected negatively by the nights cutting in and the cold weather,… Read more »

And finally…

I’m now a real writer, having received my first rejection! I thought I’d feel awful but, I didn’t feel anything, which is probably worse as it implies that I have lost any love I had for my book. As I’ve explained before, usually people get agents before they have their books published, but this wasn’t… Read more »