A Holly-day!

Was still feeling ropey by the time Thursday morning arrived (no rain arrived, sadly). Was still in bed at 1.30pm despite medication’s best efforts, so decided that a massage might help. Couldn’t get a reply from the lady who usually comes to my house. 1.31pm rang Clarins in the Metrocentre…£34!!! Then remembered there was a spa at the bottom of my street. I’d never been in before, as I’m reluctant to go into places when I haven’t got a price/treatment list, but desperate times and all that. I managed to get an appointment for 3.30pm, and it was absolutely fabulous. I felt so sorry for the poor girl who tried to massage my tension away. She did her best but couldn’t get rid of all the many knots. Happily, when I went to pay, I got a discount as the owner babysat me when I was little. Small world.

That pulled me together enough to get a bus to the Metrocentre, where my hubby was meeting me. Went to Boots for emergency supplies to get me through the evening (more money!) and then went to KFC. Hubby’s meal looked lovely, but I still couldn’t face food and off I went to try out one of the painkilling patch thingies on my shoulder. It was great…but STUNK of menthol! Couldn’t face more public transport so had to get a taxi to Gateshead Library (even more money). I really felt rotten, but just can’t stand letting people down – I was mildly scolded by Claire, who said I should have given her a ring, but I’ve loved doing the Readers’ Group talks, so didn’t want to miss it.

The group was lovely. As usual, they were very friendly, and we had quite a lively discussion. I was struggling a bit, but Claire was great at prompting me and asking relevent questions (she probably knows my story as well as I do). I hate it when I can’t think of the words I want to say or can’t remember things. It’s so frustrating.

It was my last talk for the libraries, so that was a little sad. It was almost as though I was saying goodbye to Holly, as I doubt I’ll be doing any further talks, signings or interviews. I was relieved to get home, though, but made the mistake of trying to go out the following day. Disaster! When will I ever learn? I actually feel asleep at the table in a pub! How ill-mannered is that? Again, guilt played it’s part, as I had already cancelled seeing the same group of people twice this year so couldn’t bear to do it again.

So, back to today. Typing in bed, eating Thai Chilli crisps, drinking coffee and about to indulge in some Maltesers. Sent off the last copy of Karma I will buy to the agent I mentioned earlier in the week. It may not get me anywhere, but I’m content in the knowledge that I tried. Did a little creative writing today (for the first time in months) to enter a risque little competition (not something I’d usually do, but the prize is cool). I’ve entered some competitions (today I got a signed Bear Grylls DVD through the post and I won some hair serum). I’m also considering trying a short story for a magazine competition, but it’s not my usual genre… Basically, I’m trying to rest, but trying to keep my mind occupied. Laptop starting to hurt my legs, so am going to play my turns on Scrabulous on Facebook, then have a nap. Sorry for the long, waffly post. Have a good weekend!