Slowing down.

Hello! I haven’t been around much, as I’m trying to take things easy in the hope that I will be OK for the abseil. It’s in less than two weeks time and I don’t have a lot of sponsors yet. It would feel more worthwhile to step off that very high bridge if I knew I was raising oodles of money for the charities, but it will be far more difficult knowing that I haven’t helped as much as I would’ve liked. This is the first time I’ve been directly responsible for fundraising and it’s very, very difficult. How do you draw the line between reminding people and harrassing them??? I just can’t bring myself to ask more than once!

I’ve got hold of my mam’s photo album so that when I get my scanner hooked up, I can show you a picture of me, as a child, when we went to the top of the Laxey Wheel. I was terrified, and I think it’s clear in my expression. My mam wanted us to stand up to get a picture of us with the stunning view in the background, but I wouldn’t (couldn’t) stand up! I think those memories have returned for a reason…you may see a similar expression on my face on 8th June!