September: Creative Writing

I noticed that, locally, there was a Creative Writing course running. I had a few doubts about it:

a) It cost £65 – a LOT of money to me, that could possibly be better spent elsewhere (though it averages out at £6.50 per class)
b) It begins at 9.30am, a few miles away from here – I don’t function well before 10am (but my mam promised to give me a lift)
c) What qualifies someone to teach Creative Writing – would I even benefit from going there?

I contacted the community centre and they asked the tutor to email me. She has run these courses before, for several years, but never at this venue. I got the impression that she would make the classes interesting (although I don’t like the idea of reading work aloud).

I thought that the classes might challenge me, in more ways than one, so decided to sign up. It is a rare opportunity for me to meet new, like-minded people, and I am hoping it might make me enthusiastic about writing again (one of these days, I’d love to be motivated enough to complete NaNoWriMo). I’m quite nervous about it for all of the reasons I had doubts about signing up. Hoping it’s worthwhile.

With regards to my eBook (the Kindle version of Karma), I had ordered a suitable outfit on eBay, which my pretty cousin was going to model for me, but it hasn’t arrived. If Royal Mail are reading this: over a week is unacceptable for a first class parcel. I fear I will never see it.