What a picture!

Fed up as I was feeling too rough to go out tonight (had meal at The Ivy planned, though not THE Ivy, and a quiz), so decided to update my Blog.

Gallery: What a picture indeed! You may remember that I have been discussing doing a Reader event with Gateshead Libraries – I happened to mention to Claire (the lady I’ve been emailing) that I represented my library in the Gateshead Libraries Blockbusters Tournament in 1987. I managed to dig out that newspaper clipping from my ‘memory box’ (an empty biscuit tin commemorating Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s wedding – something I won in some kind of art competition when I was little. It did have biscuits in, but they got eaten…probably very quickly). It is a very bad photo, but it was an interesting memento of the only time I ever won a trophy…even if it stayed in the Trailer Library…and was just on loan. I wonder whatever happened to it. Anyway, feel free to laugh at this photo in the Gallery. Speaking of ‘The Gallery’, did anyone used to watch ‘Take Hart’? I was pondering having an online gallery for my artwork (more appropriate to hang in The Loo, rather than Le Louvre) – the only thing that would be missing would be Morph and Tony Hart (I never liked Chas…)

Facebook: is fairly addictive. My sister has started an online Karma Appreciation group on Facebook – it has about 9 members (presumably her friends…and me, of course!) Still don’t know what I’m doing, but is quite satisfying seeing your friends’ list building up. My old school even has it’s own group…

And finally, I got a very scary email today…from ‘In It To Win It’. They are auditioning in Newcastle on Monday. I had to complete an application form – part of me is hoping I’m too boring for them to consider, but another part of me is hoping to get selected (I am far thicker than I used to be, but the audition process would be great plot-fodder). Let’s see what happens, shall we?