Temporary insanity?!

In an attempt to take my mind off what I will now refer to as “The Troubles“, I think that I may have gone too far. In fact, I think I could admit to temporary madness (at least, I hope its temporary…) What have I done? That’s a good question – one I will probably ask myself a million times between now and…then! Well, I decided to apply to be on the quiz show In It To Win It – it seemed like a great idea at the time. Well, at the very second I submitted my application it seemed like a good idea…the very next second it seemed like a stupid, stupid idea. And it got worse…

I have a terrible fear of heights – when my bus travels over the Redheugh Bridge in Newcastle, my journey becomes a white-knuckle ride as I grasp the handrail and close my eyes tightly, praying I’ll get over in one piece! I get queasy when, on films, the camera pans over the edge of a building and shows the ground below. I once held up the Revolution ride in Blackpool, when I made them let me off the ride because it was a lot further off the ground than I thought it was. Why am I telling you this? I decided that I wanted to do something for charity – yes, things have been pretty lousy for me lately, but there’s always someone worse off, isn’t there? I couldn’t do anything too physical (for obvious reasons) but needed to do something that people knew would take a real effort on my part. So, after doing a little research on the internet, I decided to sign up for the Marie Curie charity abseil off the Tyne Bridge in March next year. I just missed the one that ME North East did this month, or I would’ve done that one. I will be scared witless, just as I was when I did the BDMLR’s Marine Mammal Medic course (fear of water, that time). Actually, maybe I’m not scared of heights, as such…just the falling…and then hitting the ground!

Of course, I had hoped something book-related would come up to take my mind off “The Troubles“, but it hasn’t yet. I can keep on dreaming…or I would if I could get any sleep!!!