Poor Holly!

14th August is the date my ‘letter’ will appear in Best magazine…maybe I shouldn’t have told you that until I’ve seen it myself. Wish I’d known that before I sidled up to the magazine rack in the Co-op and tried to casually skim through the pages – I bet all the security cameras were trained on me! You now think I’m really cheap, as I could’ve just bought the magazine for 78p, but to my poorly dog, 78p is a contribution towards vet’s bills. Yes, my oldest girl, Holly, is poorly and I’m worried sick about the little mite – back to the vet’s tomorrow, with fingers crossed. Our vet is fantastic and my dogs love him – they actually fight to get IN to his surgery, rather than away from it. No matter what he does to them, he’s always rewarded with a lick and a cuddle (from the dogs, not me – I just say thank you)!

What else’s happening? The delightful Natalie has confirmed that the nice man at Borders is still interested in me doing some kind of signing – not sure when, but it’s still a positive, isn’t it? I was beginning to think they’d forgotten about me! Perhaps the local press might finally consider reviewing the book. It’s a longshot, but you never know, do you?

I was also delighted to get a call from my Counselling tutor, Penny, this week (aside from the fact I have more work to submit, when I thought it was all over). She was telling me how much she liked my book and that her partner was reading it too…and having a bit of a chuckle! It’s always good to hear that people are enjoying the book, but more so when it’s a man or someone who ordinarily hates ‘chick-lit’ ie someone other than the target audience. Though I find it hard to accept praise as genuine and deserved, I do enjoy it!!!