What a LONG and boring day!

Two things to say and neither are book-related, but I’m confined to the sofa and very, very bored.

Firstly, I am seriously considering learning to drive (in fact, I have got so far as getting an instructor’s details, but haven’t rang him yet). I need someone who has nerves of steel, the patience of a saint, a good sense of humour and (if possible) an hourly rate from the early nineties (when I first became a ‘Learner Driver’). I’m just telling you this because as I was idly browsing the new Yellow Pages (told you I was bored), I came across the following driving school, and it made me laugh (I promise you, this is a genuine entry in my local Yellow Pages): Startkey and Clutch. Imagine if their cars were all red Ford Torinos with white stripes… I’d be more suited to KITT from Knight Rider, where the car does all the work! Maybe that would be my only chance of passing the test.

Secondly, I was browsing the BBC Tyne website, and came across this article. This gentleman is my BDMLR Area Co-ordinator – you kept this quiet, Richard! Was I the author you mentioned? The MMM course that was due to run this weekend was postponed until next year, so any of you who are interested will still be able to train to become a Marine Mammal Medic. Like what I am.