Harry Potter and me.

The people that know me know that I have an issue or two with Harry Potter – not the book, the film or the character (So why? For that you’d have to read my next book – there’s an incentive for you). However, my husband once made a promise to one of our nieces that he would take her to see each of the films as soon as they came out. As he couldn’t keep his side of the bargain this time, I reluctantly stepped in…and really, really enjoyed the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I was surprised…not just at how engrossed I was, but at how expensive it was to go to the cinema these days (god, I sound old!) I got a few pence change from £24 for two adult tickets and one child!!! No wonder I’m a couch potato… Anyway, I would recommend the film, although I think small children may find it a little scary (and jumpy thirty-two year old woman might, too).

I’ve also had a little browse on the internet and found that the local Libraries Service has some copies of Karma in stock (one in the Reference section) and are waiting for quite a few more. I thought that was a bit cool – I used to LOVE going to the library as a child! Yes, books were my friends when everyone else was still playing outside at 8pm and my parents thought that 8pm was a good bedtime “for a school night” – I used to read with the lights off, until it had gotten so dark I could no longer make out the words. I love the way that a good book can take you away from reality for a little while – and along those lines can recommend A Tale of Two Sisters by Anna Maxted and Amy’s Honeymoon by Julia Llewelyn. I needed some escapism and these two books really hit the mark!

Oh and Holly’s picking up a bit – thanks to all who asked. Both her and her sister are lying beside me as I type.