As you know, as well as reading chick lit and biographies, I love Sci Fi. I am currently reading Changes by Jim Butcher and am marvelling at how good his writing actually is. I have been getting to the end of one chapter, meaning to put the book down, and been so taken in by what’s happening, I’ve had to read on. Considering I prefer to read in the bath, it’s meant lots of cold water and wrinkled fingers/toes! People often dismiss science fiction (or urban fantasy, as this book is) but the writers work just as hard as other authors. I’ve never understood literary elitism – as with everything else, I think ‘to each their own’, providing they aren’t harming anyone.

Changes is from The Dresden Files, which was also made into a short-lived, though enjoyable, TV series. I love the Dresden character, played by Paul Blackthorne (who is also a very talented photographer) but the books give you so much more. I feel sad when I hear people say they haven’t read the book but have seen the TV show/film – this means that they are seeing someone else’s interpretation, rather than their own. I really enjoyed the Sookie Stackhouse books (from which True Blood was based) but didn’t like the television series at all: it didn’t fit with how I’d envisaged the characters, and I felt the show didn’t do justice to the books. Books now, screenplay later!!!