ME/CFS Awareness Week

First things first: I’ve just spoken to Charlie Charlton from BBC Radio Newcastle – she was SO nice and friendly, and they’d like me to do a short spot on The Mike Parr Breakfast Show tomorrow. It should air about 8.19am, and will cover both the book and ME/CFS. Again, I’m reluctantly providing a link so you can witness, first hand (or first ear) me possibly making a fool of myself: I believe the Listen Again option is available for 24 hours after a show airs. Many of you know that mornings are not my best times, so please bear that in mind if I say anything stupid!!! Glad to know Tony from the ME Association will be a guest too, and will provide sensible advice and information on ME/CFS.

Now, back to reality. All my days of resting were almost to no avail when my neighbour decided to have a party on Saturday evening. I don’t begrudge anyone a party, but I didn’t enjoy hearing karaoke-type singing VERY loudly at 12am. Needless to say, I wasn’t at my best the following day. Anyway, due to a couple of no-shows, we got an unexpected invitation to M&V’s Wedding Breakfast – we had a fantastic time (and I didn’t stick my head in the chocolate fountain). The bride was stunning, the groom was relaxed, the people were friendly, the food was good and the speeches were very, very funny! In the evening, we had good company (an old school friend and his wife) and I spoke with a real writer: the groom’s sister. Now, this lady has done things the right way, having studied ‘the craft’ extensively. She has suffered knocks to her confidence, but still speaks with passion about writing – I really admire this, and once again, feel like a complete fraud in comparison!

And the hotel? With regards to the wedding breakfast and reception, it was amazing. However, on the basis of our accommodation and breakfast, I don’t feel it was worth the money we paid. Half-cooked black pudding is not something I wish to see first thing on a morning, considering what it’s made of, but I did enjoy the hot jacuzzi afterwards!

Finally, before I go back to bed, you may have noticed a few changes on the website. I’m running my blog through WordPress at and through the Blog site. Both will be updated, eventually. My photo gallery is also now available on my website and is a little more user-friendly, I think.

I hope my alarm clock goes off tomorrow morning (and that I’m able to get out of bed) and I’ll try and get a picture outside Radio Newcastle this time… Wish me luck!