Bank Holiday Weekend

Hello! No gallivanting for me this weekend – I have dedicatedly spent this afternoon getting the Blog up-to-date on my website. So, from now on, posts will be posted at and then transferred to my own site(always good to have a back up). I have also trimmed down the gallery at I’d intended to update this but can’t find the cord thingy that attaches my digi camera to the computer (I sound like such a technical whizz…thingy indeed).

Aside from making a stew this weekend, I have started the first chapter of another story, for ‘fun’…but it isn’t writing itself like Karma did. Maybe I don’t know enough about the characters yet – I think I’m going to have fun getting to know the ‘drag queen’ (I would welcome suggestions for his/her stage name…) Have also spent some time in front of the TV watching the likes of Ugly Betty, Saturday Kitchen and Grease is the Word (maybe I shouldn’t admit to that???) Watched a great film last night called The Prestige, with Hugh Jackman in it. It isn’t usually my kind of film, but is the first of its type to have me guessing all the way through and STILL getting it wrong!!! I even managed to stay awake through the entire 126 minutes (considering 96 of those minutes were after my bedtime…)

Returning to topic, I have still heard nothing from the local paper regarding an article I was asked, by M.E. NorthEast, to contribute to (did email Jennifer to let her know it wasn’t my fault, and that I did call the journalist); surprisingly, I’ve heard nothing with regard to the book event in Blaydon meant to be taking place in early June (haven’t seen any publicity for it yet, either). I have nothing more related to book-promotion in the pipeline at the moment (I was offered a spot on a radio show, by a nice gentleman, but had to decline as I would have been WAY out of my depth, intellectually speaking- was kind of him to consider me though). I’m not feeling as sad about it as I was last week, you’ll be pleased to hear!