Strange day…

I’m having one of those days which go from bad to good to odd in succession (nothing major just a bit of an uppy-downy day, mood-wise).

I haven’t mentioned this to many people, but I’ve been doing a counselling course (thinking that if I ever get back to my old self, it might be a career I could pursue, alongside my massage therapy). However, today it dawned on me that I would make a terrible counsellor: I’m fairly opinionated and like to help people solve their problems – these aren’t characteristics of a good counsellor, as counsellors aren’t supposed to give advice (I don’t think I could help myself). Perhaps the course will help with my writing, as I may have more of an insight into the characters, so it isn’t a complete loss. Must look on the good side!

On the subject of writing (which is why I’m here), I’ve decided to start working on “Angela of the North” (cheesy title?) to keep me occupied, as I really need to rest up. Other writers have mentioned how hard it is to work on book number two, but I don’t feel any stress, as I’m only writing it for my own benefit – there are no publishers issuing deadlines, no agents and no pressure to complete it. It should keep me out of mischief for a while…some people will be glad to hear that!

Back on topic, the realisation that I’ll never make a counsellor was a bit of a low point. Then I got home to find the post woman had a package for me: two books and a note saying “Two more books to follow.” Strange, as I hadn’t ordered any. Then, minutes later, there was a knock on the door. A deliveryman handed me a large box which contained FOUR books (2 copies of 2 different titles). Peculiar! The only conclusion I can come to is that I won one of the many competitions I entered (via – great site to look at if you are bored or settee-bound). That was good and odd at the same time.

This weekend, I have some more to say on the topic of the BBC Radio Newcastle interview, but am hoping to do a joint posting with another Blogger. Intrigued? Watch this space. I will also be posting the winning Karma review this weekend.

Gotta go – websites to read, emails to check!