Another quickie!

Hello. Another quick message today, as I’m exhausted after my telephone interview with a very nice journalist called Coreena from the Sunday Sun. I know it sounds pathetic to be tired after a conversation, but this happens sometimes (Gordon and I even developed a kind of sign language so that I could ‘talk’ to him when I was very tired – you’d laugh at the sign for ‘toilet’ Laughing).

The journalist was very friendly, and I hope that I was able to answer her questions properly without wandering too much off track (as I’m prone to doing) – I’m sure we’ll see once the article comes out. And next, the bit I’m dreading: the photographer’s coming tomorrow. I’m not terribly photogenic, so I apologise if you have to look at my face over your conflakes on Sunday…

Off to lie down again now – too much excitement for one day!