I’m a bad, impatient person! Foot in mouth Had an email from the lovely Natalie (have to say that now I know she reads my blog, LOL) to say that there IS interest from the local press. It’s just taken a while as they like to actually read the books before reviewing them. Makes sense to me, otherwise they’d just be judging a book by its cover – sorry about the literary pun: I talk rubbish when I’m tired! I know that promotion is an ongoing thing, but I’m just so desperate to hear what people think of the book (so I know whether it’s worth writing anything else)! It was so difficult, physically and mentally, to write ‘Karma’ that I need it to have been worthwhile…and available in shops, for that matter! Anyway, I’m expecting a call from a journalist from the Sunday Sun tomorrow. Yay – if I can answer their questions eloquently, but Sealed if I get my words all mixed up and they think they’re speaking to an idiot!

Now to other news. Enquiring minds want to know: I’ve been ‘speaking’ to a very successful writer via email, and his story really was inspirational – don’t want to mention who, but he has been very helpful. I have this thing where, if I see a ‘contact me’ link on a website, I feel compelled to do just that. I’ve ‘spoken’ to some very nice people who I would never dare approach in real life such as: MaryJanice Davidson, Mike Gayle, Carole Matthews and even Mark Jones. I blush just thinking about speaking to people in person – I even blush on the telephone, sometimes!

The good people at Independent Northern Publishers have offered to stock my book on their stand at Hexham Book Festival, so I’ll be there next Saturday morning trying to drum up some interest. How will you recognise me if you’re attending this fantastic event? I’ll be the woman with the face a fetching magenta colour…remind me not to wear anything orange, or I’ll clash.

Someone gave me contact details to get my book in front of people like Richard and Judy, Philip and Fern, etc – that’s what I was considering when I last did my blog. I thought about it and realised that I’m not a TV show kinda gal – I’m way too boring and not ashamed to admit it. Plus if you factor in the amount of colour-corrective make-up they’d have to use on set, then it probably wouldn’t be commercially viable…

Anyway, I’m sorry that this post has been a bit disjointed. I’m still tired after a day out yesterday with my mam (had recent knee replacement) and grandma (80, and just come out of hospital) and I’M the only one who’s knackered today! I’m sure there are other things I wanted to tell you, but I’ve forgotten…Embarassed

PS Thanks for all the entries to the review competition so far!