I’ve been trying not to think about the abseil, but it seems that I cannot escape reminders. The Tyne Bridge is such an iconic image of the North East, that it appears all over the place. Yesterday, I was watching the Hairy Bikers’ programme, and there it was in all its glory: high (oh so high) above the Tyne. I haven’t had much response from my emails which were sent to ask for sponsorship (and it’s a horrible thing to have to do, for some reason) so I’m now worried that my efforts won’t do much to help the charities concerned (although the others involved are doing far better, thank goodness). I can’t say it’s just the lack of sponsorship that bothers me, but also, the lack of a response makes it feel like not many people are supporting me.

I’m still full or cold, so am unable to do much. Can’t stay on the computer long, can’t read, and there are only repeats on TV. Speaking of TV, what do these people have in common, from the programmes I’m watching today: Paul Gross (Benton Fraser, Due South), David Boreanaz (Angel, Angel) and Dean Cain (Clark Kent, Lois & Clark)? Answer: I had a crush on them all, at one time or another, but not particularly because of what they look like – more so because of the characters they portrayed. Does that mean that I’m slightly less shallow than if I just liked them for their appearance?

I’m off for a lie down now, as I think that if I keep on typing, it may descend into gibberish…well, more gibberish!