Awareness (?)

Apparently, 12th May 2008 is International ME Awareness Day – I’ve used a question mark, as it seems as though only people who have ME/CFS or work in the field are actually aware of it. I thought the aim was to raise awareness among the population as a whole, but there’s not a great deal on the internet. I tried to find out more and came across this calender, which is actually quite effective at explaining some of the problems sufferers encounter.

This leads me on to writing, strangely enough, as due to my current CFS-related eurghhh (the result of me daring to think I could meet a friend for coffee and a chat without consequence), I can’t stand to have the laptop on my lap for long (nor can I sit at a table). I saw a very small laptop by a company called Asus on The Gadget Show a week or two ago, and it weighs less than a bag of sugar. Surely this is the answer, and will enable me to finally get these books and characters into print. Nope…my CFS-related lack of money is a fly in that ointment!

Finally, and this is just something that’s been bugging me while I’ve been stuck in front of the TV: why does the woman on the HSA advert worry about paying her young children’s dental costs – are they not covered free under the NHS?