Happy anniversary!

I’m spending my 12th wedding anniversary in bed…on my own, with my dogs and my laptop. It started off so promisingly (except Match of the Day at 7.35am) with a nice breakfast in bed, but now hubby is off to baseball. To be fair, he did say he would stay home, but in the bloke way that means I will if I HAVE to and I’ll be in a right mood if I do! “I will stay home, if you want me to,” or “I won’t go, if you don’t want me to.” What men often fail to understand is that if THEY wanted to stay home, they just would, and us women are well aware of that fact. It’s very similar to another thing that irks me a little: “I’ve done the dishes, FOR YOU.” Grrr!!!

Anyhow, the past twelve years have gone by pretty quickly. We’ve had ups and downs, downs and downs, and some sheer drops (that was the, “…for worse”). We joked about marrying, “For poorer, for poorer,” and that was proven correct. I don’t know what happened to, “For richer…” but I wouldn’t mind giving it a go! Our vows said, “In sickness and in health,” and we’re still waiting for the “in health”. If I could go back in time to the day of my romantic proposal (“Are we going to get married, then?”) I would still go ahead, despite knowing what I know.

Think I’ll treat myself to a nice bath and maybe I’ll download myself a song or two from Digital Locker (70p shouldn’t break the bank). Just wish I could get the song ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ by Panic At The Disco out of my head – it’s driving me nuts, as the man with the steering wheel down his pants told his doctor!