Compare People…but not me!

Just been cleaning up my Facebook profile and have decided to get rid of the ‘Compare People’ application. Basically, you are compared, by your friends, to their other friends in many different categories. It’s interesting, from one perspective, as it’s amusing to see how people ‘see’ you (especially those who don’t know you well…or at all). However, it’s also a great way to enhance your own insecurities.

As I’ve said before, I feel that I have a “face for radio” and after seeing my ratings on CP, other people obviously agree. For example: each time I was compared in the categories ‘Prettier’, ‘Cuter’, ‘More Attractive’, ‘More Cuddly’, ‘Hotter’, ‘Would rather marry’, ‘Better body’, and ‘Rather date’, I scored zero votes. I also scored a bit fat nothing in ‘More Creative’, ‘Funnier’, and ‘More Likely To Succeed’. Apparently, my finer qualities (according to Facebook users) are that I’m ‘More Artistic’ and a ‘Better Dancer’ (pause for laughter). Also 100% of those asked would ‘Rather Be Stuck In Handcuffs’ with me – I have actually been stuck in handcuffs and it ain’t all its cracked up to be (before you start getting the wrong idea, it was at school, and someone thought it would be funny. It wasn’t.)

Despite all the negativity, which categories am I most upset I lost? ‘More Techno-savvy’, for a start, and ‘More Organised’ and finally, ‘More Likely To Win in a Fight’.

It’s all a bit of fun really, but when you feel sensitive about an aspect of yourself and then feel it is clarified by those who see your profile, it’s best to quit while you’re behind. So goodbye to Compare People and hello again to Scramble, the highly addictive Boggle-like game. I know how I’m going to spend my afternoon…