Desperately Seeking Ali!

I finally got into the outside world today, after a week indoors, and it’s cleared my head enough to enable me to write a post! I think yesterday’s lovely sports massage helped too!!!

As you know, I’ve been contemplating the merits of entering various competitions for writers, and trying to weigh up whether the benefit outweighs the cost. I decided that, given my so-slim-they’re-size-zero chances of winning, I thought it best not to bother. That was until I had an email from the organiser of the RNA Award to remind me that the closing date was only two weeks away – now this was not an email encouraging me to enter, but a simple reminder, based on the fact that I’d sent an enquiry to ask if my book was even eligible. I decided that it was karma that this message arrived, so duly packaged up the requisite four books, and sent them off today. The cost equated to £29.96 (four books) and almost £8 in postage – I’m sure that big publishers enter for their writers, but this doesn’t happen for me. Maybe if I ever become a proper writer…

I’ve been discussing ‘cover quotes’ with another author online (y’know where one writer will write a comment on another writer’s book cover, praising the content). My publishers have encouraged me to find someone to do that for my own book, but I didn’t know how to go about it. There were a number of web articles I came across which promised this…for a fee. Spookily, that very same day, I had an email from a local author by the name of Rod Glenn, asking me if I’d consider looking at his manuscript with a view to commenting on it. I received it today, and can’t wait to start reading it, despite it being of a genre I don’t usually read. The more eagle-eyed among you will notice that there is a link to Rod’s site to the right of this blog, and there are details of his book, Sinema, on there.

And the reason for the the obscure title to this posting: I’m desperate to find out where my former hairdresser went to, after leaving the salon in which she worked. It’s not that I’m nosey (ok, I am a bit nosey) but she was a fabulous hairdresser and my mam misses her skills dearly. So, if you’re out there Alison from Prudhoe, get in touch via the contact me form and let us know if you’re still hairdressing!