Such a purfecshunist!

Just a quickie. As I regularly tell people, I haven’t read Karma, in case I see something I want to change – given that it was more or less published ‘as written’, without the aid of an Editor. This morning, I was forced to look at the book, in order to select a few passages to read at the book group this evening. I saw so many little errors (which should have been picked up at the copy editing stage) that I wanted to cry! I admit to being somewhat of a perfectionist (well, as much as a scatterbrain like myself can be) so it really got me down – I don’t know if the book I was reading from was one of the early proof copies, or one that has hit the shops, but I can’t bring myself to check! I was really disappointed (and a bit embarrassed) by these errors, but then I got a text that said, “Think of all the people that have enjoyed the book.” That actually made me feel a lot better.

Still dreading having to read out loud…reminds me of school assemblies!