Predictable? Moi?

Excuse the French but, for some obscure reason, everything apart from my typing is appearing en Francais. There’s also an odd message that I can’t get rid of from someone telling me to “have a great time when Emily is here and a wonderful time when you go to Canada” – if anyone can enlighten me on why this may be happening, I’d be interested to know. I don’t know a single Emily and have no intention of going to Canada at all! C’est tres strange, n’est pas?

Back to the reason I posted: a quick scan of the forums I look at showed that someone (not naming screen names) is finding my novel predictable. I am a little saddened by that, as sometimes, the characters even surprised me…I never knew what they’d be getting up to next!!! Is that a failing of mine, or is the reader just very astute (that’s not quite the word I wanted to use, but I can’t think properly today as the dog kept me awake half last night). Oh, that word is really bothering me. Maybe I mean she’s “insightful”… You get my gist, don’t you???

I have to go now, as it’s my wedding anniversary and I have a special meal to microwave (bless Marks & Spencers and their ready meals). Then a lovely dessert. Mmm…profiteroles (doing my best Homer Simpson impression…without the drooling!)