Hello to global readers!

Was surprised and delighted to receive a message from a lady called Elly, who runs a support group for ME/CFS sufferers near Washington, in the USA! She has kindly posted a link on her site to my own website, and has listed my book too (I love that my book has been listed as COMEDY – yay)! Paige has now travelled further than I have – Dubai AND the United States of America – I’ve only been as far as France…on two day-trips!

Find Elly’s site here: http://www.geocities.com/cfsnova/index.html

I also had an email from my publishers. I think they want me to be a bit more…positive…about the book. Maybe they’re worried that any negativity from me will impact sales? Just want to clarify that I couldn’t be more positive about the book – I just get frustrated that things don’t happen as I’d hoped they would, and that I don’t have enough energy to get things done. I don’t believe that lack of stockists and reviews are a testament to the quality of the story, as I’ve had enough praise to know that people like Paige & Co – I just find it hard to understand why shops, particularly local ones, don’t want the book on the shelves. It isn’t negativity, just ignorance of the book-selling business – I’ve never lied about my lack of knowledge, and will continued to be honest about my trials and tribulations in this blog.

I’m hoping to get a few more things tweaked on the website soon – the lovely Marie is sorting this out for me. I’ve had some good feedback about the website being easy to read and navigate, and this is all down to my wonderful web designer. Thanks, Marie!