New book?

There’s a money spider crawling over my laptop screen as I type: I hope this is a sign of something good, as I was just going to tell you about another book I was considering working on! Perhaps I’m clutching at straws, eh? Maybe the spider’s just building a WEB-site, ha-ha! Sorry, my sense of humour is terrible when I’m tired.

I was looking through some old computer disks to find an old story I was working on about four years ago, to show my cousin, Catherine. I’d written the bones of the story to enter into a competition for a screen play featuring Gateshead. It goes without saying that I didn’t win. I remember the entry form well, as there was a question about previous writing experience. My answer was a four-letter word (not that one): “NONE”! Anyway, I really loved the story, which was a humorous modern day fairytale, and suddenly I began to get a bit excited about writing again. Maybe it was the story, or maybe it was the fact I’m stuck indoors, resting, before going to a friend’s wedding reception at the weekend, but I finally feel like writing again. I’m going to run it by Catherine, as I value her opinion, but I think I might do something with it…

There’s a good chance anything else I write won’t get published, but I write for fun, and to occupy my mind, so I won’t be too upset. I’ve done more than I ever dreamed possible in getting Karma finished, so I’m pretty happy – it’s an achievement. As is getting to that wedding reception on Sunday. And doing some washing up. You get the picture – some things are big and some are small, but they’re all achievements!

And finally, tomorrow is the first of May and the launch of Modern Women’s Fiction website. As I told you a few days ago, they have generously included me as their Spotlight Author for May. Can I point out that the owner of the site, Jennifer, flattered me beyond belief in her interview, so I won’t blame you if you don’t think she’s referring to me in the article! See the site here: It has great potential, and I’ve already joined their forum, as I’m always up for a chat/debate, when I get the chance. It caters to all types of fiction written by, and aimed at, women. Enjoy!