Uh-oh, Emily again!

Here we go again! That comment about Emily and Canada is back, and is obscuring the window where I type (so excuse any mistakes, please)! Still, the Blog site is free, so I’m getting what I paid for!!! I can’t use bold, italic, underline or the smilies – how on earth will I express myself? Words???

Thought I’d let you know that I’ve been given the opportunity to be the Spotlight Author for the May launch of a brand new website. How exciting is that? I thought I may have missed this chance, due to only just accessing the web form mail (see previous post) but I got a lovely message from Jennifer, the owner of the site, today. I don’t want to give too much away yet, except to say that I was sent a really interesting email interview – it was harder answering those questions than doing my GCSEs… I’ll be giving the site details soon, and I’m sure it will interest the avid readers among you.

Since I found out about Kindred Spirit magazine taking an interest in my story, I’ve realised it’s already familiar to me: it’s advertised in the window of Isis, one of the shops I like in the Metrocentre. Good to know there’s a stockist nearby! I think I’ve also browsed their website some time ago, whilst doing my Massage Diploma course work (or was it in the search for a massage couch???)

Before I go, just wanted to congratulate Mark, who completed the London Marathon on Sunday, raising hundreds of pounds for the Anthony Nolan Trust. Well done!