London Book Fair, etc

Had a good old email-moan at Natalie about all things book-related (she probably dreads seeing my name popping up in her Inbox). Anyway, all is sorted with distribution to the distributors, and Natalie’s spoken to the nice lady at Waterstones Hexham (although it sounds to me as if Newcastle branch and Borders Gateshead seem to be avoiding Natalie’s calls – and that’s AFTER me leaving a free book for the Borders lady to read…not a great sign, is it?)

Seems like my book might be appearing on in the near future, so it will be available in the US (like the other Discovered Authors’ books), and it WILL be on the Bookforce stand at the London Book Fair, which I believe is next week and is a big event. Natalie explained why my book wasn’t on the LBF website: they were only allocated space for five books, so they chose the most recent. Sounds fair enough. Maybe I’m just being overly sensitive again, as I’ve been feeling a bit second rate compared to the other winners (more to do with my own poor self-esteem than any favouritism, I suspect).

I’m fast running out of ideas as to how I can raise the profile of my book – yep, Mrs I.M. Creative is indeed running out of ideas (and energy, in this rotten heat). There is the odd thing in the pipeline, but it’s pointless mentioning them until they come up. The person who approached me about doing an interview for a Uni mag in Scotland never got back in touch with me, nor did the Essex DJ who mentioned doing a radio interview for his show (and that was also AFTER he was sent a book, so it’s got me wondering…) Anyway, I may be a little down, but I’m not out!

Oh, and I had my annual ‘prophetic Grand National dream’: I dreamt that I’d shown someone my sketch book, and it suddenly dawned on me that my portraits and drawings were absolutely rubbish! I was really embarrassed, as I had given some of my drawings away to people. So, when I woke up this morning, I had a look through the horses’ names to see if anyone of them fit in with my dream – the closest one I could find was GRAPHIC Approach. I also chose Homer Wells, for entirely unrelated reasons. Neither my horses nor hubby’s were even placed! Maybe my dream was just telling me that my art-work is lousy!!!