ME in a magazine

Only a short message this time, as I’m not feeling up to writing tomes. Just wanted to say that I received my copies of ME Essentials newsletter this morning, and Tony has written a fantastic article. I’m very pleased with it, and was (surprisingly) happy with the cover. There’s a shot of the magazine in the ‘March & April’ section of my photo albums. No disrespect to anyone who’s supported me, but it’s nice to get a mention in a magazine where the readers really appreciate how much it took for me to complete the book…and to keep plugging away, trying to get Paige & Co noticed!

That’s all for now. Retiring back to my sofa and Sweet Baby James (on TV, unfortunately, rather than my sofa). Speak to you all soon.

PS A comment from the good lady, Dubai Reader, made me wonder why you are all such a quiet lot. I know from the web stats that quite a few of you pop in every day. Why not introduce yourself? I don’t bite. Promise.