Month: June 2008

Four days to go. Status: nervy.

I’m posting early because I’m actually going out today. I’d arranged to have my hair done (before I received my daily Zirtek alert to say pollen in my area is high). Not looking forward to the invasion of pollen, but need to pop out to arrange a last minute surprise for my abseil group. Don’t… Read more »

Five days to go. Status: blissful ignorance.

Trying not to think about Sunday too much, but seem to be unable to avoid references to bridges, abseilers, etc., on TV. Even doing a competition online, one of the suggested answers was ‘Vertigo’ (the film). Got two very pleasant parcels today. The first was from the lovely Ms Earl and contained a fantastic book… Read more »

Six days to go. Status: hit by reality.

I’ve been touched by how generous people who don’t even know me have been…as well as those who do know me, of course. Today I got an email from the abseil organisers, asking for the final details – it made everything seem more real. I’m also happy to confirm that ACE provide helmets, gloves and… Read more »

Seven days to go. Status: tired.

I’ve added that photo I mentioned to the ‘Embarrassing Photos’ section of the website. To be honest, my sister should be more embarrassed than me (check out her sunglasses) but she never looks at this site, so it’s OK! I still haven’t raised enough money to tell you how I think my phobia began, but… Read more »