Three days to go. Status: blond.

Hello – blonds may have more fun, but not today, as I woke up with the beginnings of a cold. Of all the weeks I could have woken up with a cold, it had to be the one which contained my charity event! I’m freezing cold, despite rising temperatures, and I’m typing this from bed. Posting early so I can rest for the remainder of the day (hopefully).

T-shirts should be here today from the ME Association. I’ve ordered the mini-surprises for the team, which should be here on Saturday (ditto for prescription – allergy medication is a must-have). Hair is now blond, after a pleasant afternoon at the salon. My sis has arranged to borrow a camcorder for Sunday (good move or bad move – I’m sensing a You’ve Been Framed moment).

Had some more sponsors, but I’m still a few quid off telling you why I’m so scared of heights…