The end or the beginning?

I’ve decided to pull the plug on the book. It’s a pretty drastic step and many people would take the view that, as long as it’s being sold, that’s a good thing. I don’t. I don’t like being screwed over, so if I’m not getting paid for my hard work, then no-one else should be either. I’ve tried to sort things out too many times, and I hate being ignored. I don’t think its the kind of thing that Don’t Get Done Get Dom would deal with.

Interestingly (and I’d already made my decision, but I saw this as a sign and confirmation), I had my book returned from the last agent I decided to ever submit it to. Obviously I was not destined to become a commercial author, and that’s OK. I had a great year being Ms Harvey. It was unexpected and, dare I say, fun!

Strangely, for the first time in months, I woke up wanting to write. I had two stories I was working on, and I awoke wanting to know what happens to the characters. I feel liberated, and know I’m only writing for myself again, and as before, for cathartic reasons. No pressure, as no-one cares. I will save up every spare penny I have for my Asus (lighter laptop) and will happily while away some time, immersed in my new worlds.

I will still blog, as I enjoy writing it – even if nobody reads it, because I won’t be any the wiser.

So there endeth the tale of Holly A Harvey…or is it just the beginning?