What's up…or down?

For the next 19 days, feel free to watch me slip from the bridge, here. Fortunately, there’s no sound and, as I mentioned previously, you’ll clearly be able to see me mouthing the words, “I really can’t do this,” as I’m lying on the railing.

I still haven’t recovered from the day, and I’m trying not to feel sorry for myself. Also trying not to let silly things annoy me whilst stuck in front of the TV (like the mouthwash advert where the woman rinses her mouth, spits into the sink, and slaps her husband when he looks at what she’s spat out. Firstly, yuk to the husband, and secondly, run the tap for a second, stupid woman!) My bruise is still impressing anyone who sees it, two weeks later – just shows what effect adrenalin has on the body, as it probably would have knacked, had I been aware of the impact.

Getting back to annoying things, I’ve made one last attempt to get things sorted out with the publisher. Actually, I’ve asked that the book be withdrawn – if they aren’t willing to sort out the contractual issues, I don’t see why they should be able to sell the book. Its an awful step to have to take, but if I don’t look after my interests, I have no-one else to do it for me. I’ve learned that the hard way.

I’ve also bought myself a brand new notebook (couldn’t believe how much an A4 hardback notebook was in WHSmith – around a tenner, which was way more than my budget, so had to get a boring one), and will work on my FIVE ideas for new books. The lack of pressure really has made me excited about having writing as a hobby again! Plus it will give me something to do while avoiding the horribly high pollen counts!