Was updating my Asda order (on a budget, as usual) and then went to check-out. OMG, I’d won £75 worth of shopping with a Dettol competition and there was an e-voucher waiting for me! I was so pleased, and ordered myself a few treats (Febreze and a Dip Dab) and ordered some alcohol for the rest of my family. Couldn’t believe it, but it went through fine and I only had to pay delivery and a little extra.

This morning, however, Asda just rang (right before my order was due to be delivered) and said they weren’t honouring the vouchers. I could have my shopping IF I paid for it – well, yes, that is usually how it works BUT not if you’ve ordered things you wouldn’t generally buy because you had a VOUCHER! I felt sick and was furious. Then, I remembered my consumer law and checked my card site: they had already taken payment and, therefore, accepted my order. I am now trying to get them to honour it. May not work (as these big comapnies think they can walk all over the consumer) but it’s worth a try. So disappointed, and can’t imagine Dettol will be happy as it will reflect badly on them, too.