Well, at the end of the first day of NaNoWriMo (1st November), I had just over 1600 words under my belt (participants are told to aim for approx. 1667 per day). I think that total may be static for a few days, as I’m too tired to think, never mind type! My inner critic finds it difficult not to constantly re-evaluate what I have written, but you are not meant to do this during NNWM – you’re just meant to let yourself go. I can’t even type a text message to a friend without re-reading it, and editing it, so what hope do I have of changing my ways within a month? Let’s see, shall we?

I haven’t forgotten about the artwork I promised to put up. To be truthful, I couldn’t be bothered to read the manual for my new camera and, consequently, haven’t got a clue how all of the functions work. I will figure it out. The Gallery (as I’ll call it – like on Take Hart) will be a temporary folder and will replace the London Album. It’s nothing to get excited about, believe me!

Things are going ahead with the Gateshead Libraries/Borders Event and I will let you know more soon – looking forward to it (this time, I have a dress that doesn’t need to be zipped up!)