Once Upon A Time…

I received the details of the forthcoming event I was telling you about, so thought I’d share them with you.

The event is to promote Gateshead Council’s Short Story Competition 2008, which must begin with the immortal line, “Once upon a time…” The competition is open to all age groups and closes in March 2008. The flyer for the Borders event reads:

Meet local author Holly Harvey who will chat about her novel Karma and how she won a National Writing Competition to become a published author. Get some tips on writing your own story to enter our competition.

The event takes place on Tuesday, 27th November from 6.45pm at Borders, Team Valley Retail Park – places are limited so please telephone the box office on 0191 4338420 to reserve your place.

I find it difficult to believe that people would actually reserve a place to hear me talk, but then again, I still find it difficult to believe that I have a novel in print. I really hope the event is a success, as short stories are a great way to hone one’s writing skills…and if you have the chance to win a prize too, all the better!

You may also notice that I’ve have added a few bits and pieces to The Gallery (although I can’t take credit for Morph). I haven’t drawn for some time, as I tend to just do so if I’m asked for something specific – I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so tend to find drawing stressful rather than calming, these days…