Once upon a time at Borders (1)

This is just an information-giving post, for the people who were kind enough to join me at Borders yesterday evening (a post about the event will follow soon). I mentioned several websites that I have found both useful and entertaining, and I also remembered what those very short stories are called: Flash Fiction! It came to me just before I went to sleep last night.

Anyway, here are some links for you: www.youwriteon.com (a FREE site to help new writers develop. It’s sponsored by the Arts Council); www.writewords.org.uk (an online writing community, for which there is a membership fee after a trial period); www.societyofauthors.net (a non-profit making organisation, but there is a membership fee and certain criteria which needs to be met. Some interesting leaflets available from the SOA on all kinds of writing-related matters).

I also mentioned my publisher, Bookforce (www.bookforce.co.uk) and their competition for new authors, Undiscovered Authors. Look at the site www.discoveredauthors.co.uk and you’ll see a link to the next UA Competition. I also mentioned a site called Literature Northeast (www.literaturenortheast.co.uk), which not only gives information on literary events in the Northeast, but also showcases regional writers. Speaking of regional writers, I mentioned being honoured to be asked to read Rod Glenn’s book before it’s publication this December – his website can be found at www.rodglenn.com

Finally, for now, I also mentioned author Mary Castillo talking about how valuable she found The Observation Deck by Naomi Epel. The OD can be purchased here (www.amazon.co.uk) and is currently available for £8.69…or you could ask at your local library!

If there is anything I’ve forgotten, please don’t hesitate to contact me via my email address or using the Contact Me form on my website. It was lovely to have met you all, and best of luck with the competition: Once Upon A Time… Had to give the short story competition a mention, as that was the reason behind yesterday’s event!