Does this seem fair (part two)?

Ooh, I’m simmering with anger and am also quite upset. @RoyalMail (twitter name) should be ashamed of themselves.

I foolishly thought the intervention of @RoyalMail Twitter Team would mean this farce would get sorted out. However, after email tennis with them, I ended up feeling worse. Each reply I sent was responded to by a different person (some ore helpful than others). They said that, without the sender’s address (which I don’t have) they won’t consider my claim (although I did have the proof of postage, detailing where and when the item was posted). They emailed the sender, who didn’t respond – not my fault and why would she care, to be honest, as she got her payment. People have better things to do than help others, I guess. Why won’t they compensate me? Well, one person implied that we could both be requesting compensation – I pointed out that the sender didn’t need compensated: I upheld my part of the contract (unlike @RoyalMail). I also pointed out that they had all the details from the proof of posting, so would have had it on record, had the sender tried to claim. They didn’t want to hear logic.

They asked me to call them (despite me pointing out many times that I can’t do telephone calls when my ME/CFS’s bad) so they said they’d call me that day (last Friday) when hubby was home. They didn’t. Hubby tried to call them. Went through lots of menus (on his lunch hour) to hear the dreaded “we’re busy, call again later” message. Lunch hour wasted. They finally left a message on the answerphone saying someone would discuss ‘payment’ with us. WooHoo! At last, we thought, so hubby rang them last night. Person dealing with it wasn’t in, but hubby got same old story from person he spoke to. Back to square one, but he was told someone would ring him today.

Today? Still wasn’t the person who was supposed to be dealing with our claim, and was not interested in paying us. What really, really upset me was that they implied AGAIN that I was trying to scam them! This is despite me providing emails, receipts, etc. So, if you ever send anything through the post via @RoyalMail, you must be able to quantify it and, apparently, receipts just aren’t good enough. Talk about adding insult to injury. Don’t worry, I won’t let this rest, as it’s so wrong that they can behave like this. Hubby asked if they contacted Police when things repeatedly go missing – their response? They deal with it internally. Yes, by trying to blame the customers! Rant done, for now.