And so it continues…

Fobbed off again by Discovered Authors, I feel. Still no response to any of my emails. Hubby kindly called them for me last week and was unable to speak to the Main Man. Apparently, over a month later, he’s still ‘looking into’ my issues. How long does it take to read a speadsheet and look at a royalties statement? I get so frustrated with this kind of situation and it makes me even more determined to get a positive result. Honestly, if they knew me personally, they’d realise that not many companies get away with treating me badly: I know my rights!

I know there are other people in similar circumstances who are watching with interest to see how this pans out, and I know you wonder why I haven’t gone to the Press. Believe it or not, I like to look for the best in people and hope they’ll come through in the end. As time drags on, it’s harder and harder to understand why I feel any misguided sense of loyalty to these people. Maybe it’s because I felt they had given me a chance, when I was feeling pretty useless…but on the flipside, they are now stressing me out!

The sad thing is that, these days, companies rely on a positive web presence and good word of mouth advertising, between authors/writers. Could anyone be so short-sighted to not realise that even one negative comment would get people thinking…five would make you distinctly uneasy (as I felt when I trawled the ‘net and did some not-so-light reading)?

Should I, like Karma’s Paige, have doormat written across my forehead for letting this go on so long?