In the picture!

I actually have a new camera, courtesy of Fuji’s Repair or Replace policy. Was rather surprised to see it this morning, as I haven’t sent them my old one yet… This means that I’m now able to take piccies and update the gallery – if I ever get any promotional opportunities (aside from the one I mentioned at the end of November, of course).

I had a lovely birthday. I went out for a meal with my family (almost fell asleep whilst eating a large burger) and joined in the pub quiz. Surprisingly, we came third, winning the princely sum of £3. Then, following a sudden stroke of inspiration, we won the jackpot round and came away with an additional £20!

Finally, I’m a little concerned that my email is not working correctly, so if you’ve emailed me and had no response, please get in touch again – I ALWAYS reply to messages that aren’t spammy!