I’m having an admin kind of week this week, so thought I’d have a recap of what’s been going on with the book. I’ve still heard nothing from either Tesco or WHSmith, with regard to the letters I sent them. I could use the postal strike as an excuse, but they were sent out long ago. C’est la vie! I wish I was the kind of confident person who could walk into a bookshop (like Waterstones in the Metrocentre, who never return my emails) and sell, sell, sell my book. I just can’t do it. People often find it difficult to believe that I’m shy, but I am. Honestly.

I finally had my photos (from the Borders signing) developed from my rubbish disposable camera (picture quality is very poor, compared with my poorly Fuji – I’m hoping to replace it soon, as my birthday’s coming up…) I will be scanning them in this week (subject to the approval of the people in them), and having a general revamp of my Gallery.

I haven’t heard from my publisher in some time, but what I have to keep reminding myself is that publication of my novel was a prize – they never promised to hold my hand afterwards. It’s up to me to make something of this rare opportunity and, maybe, when I’m less tired, something will come to me!

I’m still hearing from those of you who’ve enjoyed the book, which is lovely, and I’m hoping to participate in NaNoWriMo (for fun) next month.