#Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours#

I had no intention of blogging tonight, but the neighbours are having people over and the music is really, really loud: I needed a distraction, as I certainly can’t get the sleep I desperately need!!! No-one I know is on Facebook at the moment, so I just checked my email account, and received a small reminder: I promised that I would put some of my artwork on this site (in the style of Tony Hart’s ‘The Gallery’). Now that I have my new camera, I promise I’ll get on to that this week – given my state of exhaustion, I don’t think I’ll be out much, so that will keep me occupied! Thanks, Slim, for jogging my memory (can I claim old age, now that I’m 33?)

And I haven’t forgotten NaNoWriMo, which starts later in the week. Have two ideas competing in my mind, and I’m quite excited about both of them. Not sure which to proceed with, but I’ll keep you posted. #But I know how I feel about you now# Sorry, that is what’s coming through my walls at the moment. I like the Sugababes…at a reasonable volume, when I’m not watching the film ‘Only You’. Argghhhhhhh!!!!