Not the 'Best' photo!

Well, it just had to happen, didn’t it? The people at Best, in their wisdom, used the photo I joked about them using in a previous posting. Yup, they used ‘The Real Me’ (see the Gallery). From today, I am in a national magazine in my pyjamas with no make-up on, surrounded by mess…oh, and I hadn’t even dragged a comb through my hair that day. It was weird having someone else put words in my mouth – it was written from my perspective following a telephone interview. I wish I could write about myself like that (but I’m not good at blowing my own trumpet – can’t even play the recorder), and I feel it was far better than the feature in the Chronicle.

On Monday, I used the secret signing at Borders (Gateshead) as an excuse to buy some new shoes (got a sale bargain to go with my dress that cost a tenner), so at least something good has come out of it. I was worried that the promo leaflets still hadn’t arrived, but they turned up this afternoon (phew). Now, the question is, what do I do with these leaflets – I have no idea where to put them (and had no intention of leaving the house until my pre-signing hair appointment on Friday). Are they even going to do any good at this late stage? I do hope so, as I have no other ideas for letting people know!

Well, I’m going to rest now. Have a Jane Green book to finish (usually love JG but am unimpressed with the storyline and the unnecessary/excessive swearing, including use of the dreaded C-word), and have just got a book out of the library (by Carole Matthews). Didn’t really need to go to the library as MaryAnne sent me a book called ‘Man Interrupted’ – however, the author of this wasn’t particularly nice to me on another forum, so it’s kind of putting me off reading his story. Maybe curiousity will get the better of me…