Biographical, my ass!!!

Firstly, I should make it clear that I am grateful the local press has finally taken an interest (why couldn’t it be in my book, rather than my condition) but

I hadn’t intended to read the Chronicle article, as I wanted to avoid seeing any pictures of me, but a few people pointed out some…inaccuracies, so I thought I’d better take a look. It’s funny how you can be quoted as saying things you wouldn’t say in a million years – I believe it’s called ‘artistic licence’…but here’s the article.

Most importantly, “biographical”, my ass! I share few character traits with Paige and certainly haven’t had her experiences (thank goodness). Also, I was extremely put out by the comment regarding Gordon being the “breadwinner” throughout most of our relationship…errrr, no. I have worked whenever possible, and had a relatively ‘well’ period from late 1996 to 2002 when I worked full time (by sacrificing a social life in order to direct my energy towards work). I’m not “concentrating on my writing” – I suffer from CFS, so write as/if and when I feel able. I write to occupy my mind, not to get published. Writing is not a career for me (as much as I would love it to be) and certainly doesn’t bring in money (thank god I have Gordon as the ‘breadwinner’, eh?). And at no point did I say Gordon was a ‘Tower of Strength’!!! That caption should have probably appeared under the photo of me and my mam, rather than the one which said I was unable to work but had managed to write a book (which could be taken a number of ways…)

I should clarify the “chocolate milkshake” comment: the doctor suggested that if I drank chocolate milkshake every day, I’d have plenty of energy (nice medicine, poor result). The doctor who suggested I was feigning illness was a woman (not that it makes a difference) and made me thank my lucky stars that my current doctor is so nice, helpful and approachable!

I have only read the version on the internet, rather than the one in the newspaper (I assume that the textual errors are only on the internet version and not in the paper itself). I didn’t say this: “My book involves ME, as the lead character has recently recovered from.”

The good thing was that the story did highlight the fact that very little is known about the condition and that more needs to be done to help those suffering from it. Although I feel the story could have been written better, it was done by a trainee (according to what I was told when I rang the Chronicle and asked them TO PLEASE MENTION MY BOOK-SIGNING AT BORDERS IN THE ARTICLE) so I excuse every mis-quote, as we all have to start somewhere…

And finally…the reporter asked where copies of the book were available, but didn’t mention it. You can buy Karma at Waterstones in NEWCASTLE (Emerson Chambers – near Fenwicks/Monument), HEXHAM and DARLINGTON. Soon to be available in Borders (Gateshead) – if you can’t get to the signing, contact the store to order your signed copy. It is also available online at all major book stockists.