Thank you kindly!

Fans of Due South will recognise that as one of Benton Fraser’s catchphrases. I love Due South and admittedly had a bit of a girlie crush on Paul Gross when I was younger – he was just so kind and polite (as well as tall, dark and handsome, of course). Why am I jabbering on about Due South? Well, when I logged in to Facebook today, I had a Friend Request from someone whose name I didn’t immediately recognise. When I looked it up, it turns out its an actor from Due South. You’ll probably be surprised to know that I haven’t immediately accepted the request, as I can’t think why he’d want to add someone he doesn’t know as a friend… Checked his profile though, and it seemed genuine but, as with everything on the internet, it’s healthy to be skeptical!

To update you on the situation with regard to my publisher, they STILL have not contacted me. I know certain people get annoyed with me for speaking the truth, but I think it’s just rude to treat people this way. An email takes a few seconds to write – even if they just acknowledged me, that would be something, but it appears that I have become invisible (and for my next trick…)

EDIT: Well, turns out it really was the actor from Due South. He’s obviously trying to connect with fans from the show who are on Facebook. That’s very nice, isn’t it? Can I be all starstruck now?