Armchair critics.

Apologies if this post is littered with errors but, as well as the laptop, I have a puppy and a dog on me knee – the other dog is asleep beside me.

On Saturday, I finally got out to do something fun: a trip to see Steve Coogan at City Hall. If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll know I used to be a huge fan, and met Steve in London (and very pleasant he was). However, he later described some of his loyal fans as ‘bunny boilers’: I was unimpressed, and lost interest in his work. I decided to give it another chance, and my mam kindly bought me tickets for his first tour in years.

My first concern came via Facebook, when one of my friends commented on the show, mentioning that he forgot lines and seemed unrehearsed. I decided to look at the reviews online and saw that many people had felt they had not got their money’s worth, and indeed a number had walked out. How do you feel about online reviews? Do they affect what you buy/see or where you go? I wanted to go to the show with an open mind, but I was less enthusiastic about going than I had been.

Did Steve prove them wrong? Yes and no. The show was funny, though less impressive than his previous offering (which I saw at three different venues). Yes, he fluffed his lines, but it didn’t affect our enjoyment – he’s only human, if a well-paid one. There were too many musical numbers for my liking, but I’m just not a fan of musicals (though I loved Boogie Nights 2). Generally, it was a good night, and judging by the laughter around us, other people agreed.