Are your chestnuts roasting?

Hello again! I haven’t disappeared, but at the end of October, I got a letter to say that my domain was about to expire and it would cost quite a bit to renew it. Given the way I’ve been feeling about the whole Discovered Authors saga, I wasn’t sure I wanted the website to continue. I love the blog, but didn’t see the point in updating it, if it was to disappear shortly. However, my web designer suggested that maybe I should consider revamping the site, rather than losing it, and perhaps adding more features. I’m also pondering the idea of an online book club – just a thought, though.

I hope to speak to the publishers YET AGAIN about the royalty and rights issues, in order to get things resolved. I’m not going to give up on it.

How are you getting on with your Christmas preparations? I really struggle at this time of year, so try to be prepared. I thought I was all sorted this year, but December seems to have snook up on me like a sneaky thing, and I’ve only just finished my shopping. My mam and I had a lovely afternoon buying presents for the children who don’t get anything (the Metrocentre collects presents on behalf of the Salvation Army, who then distribute them). It was a great excuse to look at toys! We’d bought five prezzies, as we wanted to cover a few age groups and then my mam got her eye on a doll set with a little car that the doll could drive. “Can we get this, please?” asked my mam, eagerly clutching the box, eyes pleading me to say yes. What a role reversal, I thought, imagining myself in Fenwicks when I was a child. Needless to say, some little girl is going to be clutching the same box on Christmas morning! How could I refuse to exceed our budget in such circumstances?

On the subject of Fenwicks, have any of you locals seen the window this year? What did you think? I was disturbed when I saw the coffins; disappointed by the creepy, non-festive music and shocked when I saw the noose! I felt quite miserable, unlike the times I used to go as a child. It was the culmination of a yuletide visit to Newcastle, and queues ten-deep of children and parents-alike jostled to catch a glimpse of that year’s theme. The happy music, pumped through a speaker, contributed to our excitement, and we left feeling elated. I know I’m no longer 7 years old, but still… What was the theme? Apparently, it was ‘Oliver!” Bah, humbug!