Back again!

Are you wondering where I’ve been? I’m not great at keeping up with Twitter (marginally better with Facebook) but the blog has been quite mischievous and has kept disappearing on me. Hopefully, it’s all sorted now.

So, what have I been up to? Doing some artwork for charity – something I’ve dabbled in for years but never really taken seriously. I’ve done another Creative Writing course (just started term 2) and, the big news, finally enrolled on an MA course! My MA Creative Writing begins on Monday and I’m already wondering if I’m out of my depth because the online stuff seems very complicated. It’s a distance learning course, so I’ll be doing it from the comfort of my chair, and I’m hoping to try and keep my procrastination gene in check. It will be quite full-on, as it’s a two-year course taking place over one year – I’m now, for the first time since I was eighteen, a full-time student. I’m terribly nervous, not knowing what to expect. My imagination tells me that the rest of the course is full of literary genuises (or is in genii?) and I’m a toddler with a crayon in comparison. I hope to use my blog to let you know what it’s like being a full-time student with the challenges that distance learning brings…oh, and being, what they call ‘mature’. That and the pesky M.E. which is still an issue. Perhaps I’ll inspire you to take your education further or perhaps I’ll be a cautionary tale about why you shouldn’t procrastinate. My husband wants me to do well and sign up for further study, because we’ve discovered we can get a reduction in council tax if you’re a full time student. Always nice to be motivated!